OBJ renderer

Still currently a work in progress. This application will read a 3D format and print it to the screen. Currently it is displaying a human model.Currently using SDL, working on an opengl version.

Adventures of Minnie

This was a small game jam project I made with Tom Robinson and Chris Jenks. It's a simple cartoonish platformer with vibrant animated levels. I did a bit of level design, AI and player movement in this project. Made In Unity

C++ stealth game

This was a game I made in c++ using the allegro library. It has simple stealth mechanics. All you need to do is collect the gold orbs without any enemies seeing you. If you get too close.

Game Engine from Scratch

Fully functioning node-based game engine. Complete with collision, text rendering and smaller features that show off graphical skill.

Particle effect editor tool for third party engine

Particle editor designed to use more graphical based interface system for amateur users.

LOVE2D lua

I messed around in love2d to try and get a grasp of LUA and I was happy with the results of what I made. It was the makings of a demo in which I could move a small hamster around and hit enemies.


This was a game jam project I made with some friends. You walk around a mansion trying to collect orbs. But you have to avoid these golems that follow you. I was in charge of getting the golems to follow you. This was made in unreal.

Untitled uni project(Collaboration)

This was made in relation with the society at uni. The goal was to make a game that utilised all the skills we got from our course. I was in charge of the HUD and menu, as well as some material work.(Unreal)

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