Dunk Troll

Duncan Hall

Games Programmer

Unreal Engine 4 Level Design - Plaza

Made using: Unreal Engine 4.5, models from Turbosquid.com and Archive3D.net

Project duration: 2 months (year 1 of Programming Degree)

Date of completion: March 2015

The goal of the project was to design and create a level using Unreal Engine 4 that followed a distinct theme e.g. medieval, tropical island, rural etc. In this case I decided upon an urban theme which was quite challenging as many props are required to not make the level look empty.

The design is loosely based on the central section of the Angel City map from Titanfall on Xbox, which is a large residential block with an exposed garden area in front of it. The map was designed for a Capture the Flag game mode, so it was important to offer multiple routes for players to traverse when moving round the map and carrying the flag. The quickest way between the two flag points (the office building and the car park) is across the middle of the map - this offers the reward of a quick flag cap but is a high risk route as it is the most exposed point on the map.

Around the central plaza area are multiple alternative lanes of travel which offer additional protection with numerous obstacles for cover and also ensure that combat is spread around the map instead of there only being one or two main combat zones. Each flag building also provides additional height for limited sniping while also being vulnerable to counter sniping and flanking.

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